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Our puppies are raised from birth with a lot of love, care and responsibility in our living room in the middle of our human and Coton family. So they learn to know from the beginning all the everyday sounds of a normal household with children, like ringing telephone, vacuum cleaner, ringing door bell, rattle toys, TV and so on.
The first solid food we feed our Coton babies out of our hand, this strengthens the bond to the human.

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From the 5th week of life, the puppies can explore everything in the house and of course our garden, the also receive a lot of visitors including the future puppy families
The puppies learn to know slowly, with a lot of patience and love the daily “body care " like cutting claws, combing, brushing and the control of footpads, ears, eyes and teeth.
In our garden the little ones can discover a 3-tube tunnel, a ball bath, large tunnel with noises and much more.

They can play and romp to their heart`s content. Even if the weather is bad our puppies go outside, they can be used on our covered terrace also to bad weather.

From the 7th week of life, we also practice driving in the car, first with mom and siblings and then each puppy alone, so they also get used to it slowly.
We make our four legged offspring also with wearing a collar and the first steps on a leash familiar.

We invite you to read in our weekly updated " Puppy Diary " the development of our current litters .



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